When things don’t go well, look for the positive!



“If a race goes well you learn a lot about your own spirit. If it doesn’t you learn a lot about the human spirit in others!”

I had not done enough training for this marathon due to working away and I had an injury that seemed to have made the muscle above it more susceptible to cramping.  Anyway I made the decision to stop at 15 miles. Disappointing but the right call. It was emotional and I honestly don’t know if I will go back to settle the score or go on to attempt a better time on the Scott Trail or other challenges like Ultra’s. I don’t think I like tarmac for more than a half marathon. Better just stay away from Leona Beaumont on New Years Eve or lock my phone! 😉

Having now watched the coverage on S4C it seems Tracey McCartney (last years winner) had a bad day too, she only managed 3rd! It’s all relative…

Personal recording made soon after the run.



I also got an email from one of the safety officers that I met, I thanked him for the great team at mile 15 and he thanked me for jumping in the boot of the car as it turns out the lady who was suffering was diabetic and they just want to ensure that everyone gets home safely. Sadly a man collapsed and died at the International Snowdon race in 2009.

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