Vegan for 30 days!


world vegan monthI want to take more control over my diet and get more healthy, so I am going to take the 30 day vegan challenge as a way to explore veganism. As an existing vegetarian you would think it would be easy but a few weeks thinking about it has indicated that it is going to be a bumpy ride…

I just had a bowel cancer scan and I hope that my vegetarianism had contributed to what appeared to a layman as a very healthy “back passage”. It was quite interesting having a team of strangers insert a camera where the sun don’t shine and watch live on the screen as the camera probed around my insides! They send you an enema through the post and my neighbour took it in for me. On collecting it I seemed to feel the need to share the information (nervous I guess) good job she is a doctor!

I hope this month long journey will help me lose weight, become more informed, be more friendly to all beings and the environment and get faster at running 🙂

Wish me luck.


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