Variable focus (after shooting) Lytro stills camera

lytro camera

Lytro camera

Well here is an interesting toy, the Lytro camera. A camera that takes stills but also stores scene depth information. The software allows you to select what is in focus after the event! Always great in the edit to have control of focus after the shot was taken eh?
I wonder if you can do it over time? if so you could use it to get a focus pull and perhaps a zoom in on a video timeline.
If there is a way to use it like that it would be a good addition to location shooting kit for an arty focus pull here and there.
Here is a video report form C-net.
The light field sensor captures information about the angle of light coming onto the sensor as well as intensity and colour.
You can see a bit here and they also have more detail of how it works on their blog and even the CEO’s dissertation.
Exciting init?

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