UKFAST round table event


B Barnes at UKFAST

I was invited to a UKFast round table event entitled Video Nation to discuss the future of online video.



Although it sounds like a medieval feast with knights in shining armour and the table wasn’t round! it was in fact a great business forum where a select group is invited to discuss a particular topic over lunch which is filmed and edited then syndicated.
Fellow guests were Nicky Unsworth – Managing Director, BJL ( a marketing agency specialising in viral video) Laurence Murphy – A senior lecturer in Media Technology and Mobile Internet Television from Salford University, Byron Evans – ex Channel M presenter, now owns wallopvideo.
By the way eating lunch isn’t filmed which is just as well as when food appears on a plate in front of me I can get a bit food centric.

UKFAST round table

Round Table Event

The guys at UKFAST are great and they have embraced the power of on-line video so much they have their own TV department.
So they don’t just go on about techie server stuff and data centres… the geek in me doesn’t see anything wrong with that but apparently business types can glaze over at this point!
Afterwards they also invited me to write a guest blog, so all in all a great afternoon spent.
Did I mention the contemporary feast of free food and chocolate cake 🙂

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