The Election

The election coming up is very important to all of us so I will be going for it and posting lots of stuff. I have no idea who I will be voting for at the moment. So it will be a journey for me as well as you. We all want a quiet life and space to get on with our shit but we have to break cover on occasion and be counted, this is one of those times. So think, and actually turn out to vote or get your postal sorted, be open minded, check facts, vote on policies and integrity not lies. This is a tactical election about holding onto power and dividing society further. Let’s not play the game or accept less than we deserve.

Over the run up to the election I will be looking at what we want in our lives, what is important and what lies beyond Brexit. Looking at the alternatives and deciding what I am going to vote. I will also be declaring who I will vote for and why.

UPDATE – 9/17

Well it was a near run thing. Labour had a fab election, it was rewarding that socialism was put back firmly on the map. Sadly the mad arses are still ruling the roost and after making a deal with the DUP to stay in power are now using a law from the 16th century to ensure that no one can question what they want to do about Brexit. That is when they know what they want to do about Brexit.

This seeking a majority by copying up to the DUP is ironic after all the stuff splashed about by the right wing press saying Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser. Militia May has jumped right into bed with extremists and found 1.5 billion to bribe them. No money tree you see…It’s all a complete cock up from start to finish. You could not make it up, and on top of all that Rees Mogg seems to be positioning for the next prime minister. Hell fire is there no rock bottom for us to hit? no we keep finding ways to sink lower. I wonder what more shit will rise before we see 2018.

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