The Canon 5D MK3

Well the DOPs and general camera geeks will be drooling now, it’s out, the 5D MKIII. Creative Video are taking refundable deposits of £599.80.

It’s arrival is very understated considering how long everyone has been waiting for this, having said that I like things understated. I really like the GH2 and I own one for all the reasons covered in previous articles but I have to comment on this release as the impact the 5D has had on the market is amazing.

I do use the 5D but generally hire in operators who own them.

Here is the initial spec list and the Canon page.

  • 22.3 megapixel full-frame sensor
  • 61-point AF
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • ISO 100–25,600 sensitivity, expandable to ISO 102,400
  • Full-HD video with manual control
  • 14-bit DIGIC 5+ processor
  • Weather sealing
  • 8.11cm (3.2-inch) 1,040,000-dot screen
  • HDR mode

As you know I am about video not stills so here are my impressions on the video front. The main features that seem to have been comprehensively

bitched about were (you know who you are!)

1. Lack of headphone socket to monitor audio

2. Moire patterning on high frequency detail.

3. Average codec

4. Rolling shutter

5. No clean HDMI output.

Well it would appear that quite a few of these have been covered!

1. Lack of headphone socket to monitor audio RECTIFIED

2. Moire patterning on high frequency detail. GREATLY REDUCED

3. Average codec NOW OPTION FOR IFRAME ONLY (EOSHD reports it is 91mbs!)

4. Rolling shutter REDUCED

5. No timecode IMPLEMENTED

6. No clean HDMI output. ?

SO a big win here,  a 3.5 mm jack gives audio monitoring, Moire greatly reduced, an option for all I frame or IPB inter frame,

the DIGIC 5+ processor gives reduced rolling shutter, timecode is there for multicamera and audio sync but what about the HDMI?

The rumour is that the output can not be recorded clean, as soon a s the usual suspects get the body and start testing I am sure we will get the low down on the actual output. It wouldn’t surprise me that they have kept the output with data, if it had clean 1920 x 1080 output it might have an impact on C300 sales. These feature updates are a major step forward for all those who have invested in Canon glass and of course the rush for the thousands of people wanting an upgrade will release thousands of second hand 5DMKIIs onto the market.

The 5DMKIII has a neat feature on the recording front, CF and SD card compatability. You can dual record for security or auto switch on overflow for longer recordings. Now the camera goes up to the full 29 minutes as opposed to 12 minutes.

I am sure we will find out a few things that are not in the written specs when Phil Bloom gets his hands on it.

One of the things DIGIC5+ should have given (I am sure it can) is 1080 output in 50/60P mode. Even the C300 does not have this. These days we should not have to settle for 50P at 720, I bet the GH3 will have it, after all the GH2’s big brother the AG-AF101 can do 1080 at 50P. I think I will blog about my perfect camera next and we will see when it gets made.

At double the price of the 5DMKII I think the mark 3 should have had 1080 at 50P, auto focus and face recognition in video mode and a swivel monitor at least. Interestingly the price of the AG-AF101 is now only £2995, only about £400 more than the 5DMK3 and it is much more like the C300 in functionality with XLRs, timecode, HDSDI, clean HDMI etc. An AG-AF101 and a GH2 as second camera with the ability to exchange lenses is still a great combination.

Next week there will be even more options, exciting init?


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