Sony NEX-EA50EH Large chip on your shoulder!

See the promo video here.

I can’t believe how many new cameras Sony bring out these days, it is hard to keep up with blogging about them (sorry about that) partly as I am busy at Activideo producing and at Sublime Pictures editing.

Because the camera market is changing so quickly the second hand camera market is now awash with dirt cheap products that are amazing value if you have a need for that type of camera. For instance look at this Sony 750 this is now obtainable at a saving of £41,257.20! Wow Yorkshireman price.

So if you have a grudge against all those Broadcast guys who get their name on the TV and those DSLR gurus who can command a nice fat day rate why not get a large chip on your shoulder?!

This camera however needs an acknowledgement as I have been awaiting the first large sensor camera to have a servo zoom lens. This camera would be a great all rounder for corporate companies giving a flexible servo zoom and a shoulder mount for any extended hand held work but with the ability to make creative shallow depth of field images. Take the servo zoom off and you can use E – mount lenses. There are more and more E -mount lenses becoming available and not just from Sony. I suppose it is aimed at wedding video guys who are losing out to the DSLR crowd, a cheap way to up your creativity without having to resort to cumbersome rigs and separate sound. Yes it has XLRs thank god, normally on these budget cameras they usually leave off XLRs to reduce the functionality. Having said that there are no ND filters so not so good outside! you will have to get yourself a variable ND to screw onto the front. They had to limit it’s functionality so as not to piss off the FS-100/700 users!

Let’s not forget this versatile unit even does 16.1 mega pixel still pictures and even has a mechanical shutter to reduce blurring. Not bad to capture magazine shots for your client as you do the video. Yes I know that the lighting is different and that the skills are different for stills but the guy who buys this will have a cheapskate client or not have the negotiating skills to up the budget for another body and service. Knocking off stills as an add on to combat the stills guys who are encroaching onto video may keep the client happy!

Technically I read elsewhere that the moire etc. is pretty bad, but on balance for the money (currently £2295 at Creative video). Pretty near to Yorkshireman price.

Exciting Innit?





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