Snow Leopard – Final Cut pro rendering


Snow Leopard

I was wondering how much more efficient Snow Leopard may be so I created a 2 minute test file on the timeline in final cut with an HD clip with colour correction, an HD clip at 1/4 size and a graphic superimposed over all of it running full length.
I did this a 3 ways:
HDV material in an HDV timeline, HDV material in a DVCPROHD timeline and DVCPROHD in a DVCPROHD timeline.
I did the renders without Snow Leopard and then after installation, here are the results.
before 390 secs, 360 seconds and 156 secs.
after 287 secs, 253 secs, 132 secs.
So for the HDV in HDV timeline 26.4 % faster.
HDV in a DVCPROHD timeline 29.7% faster.
DVCPROHD in a DVCPROHD timeline 15.4% faster.
So it looks like it is a worthwhile investment and that it will help most when rendering the heavy use codecs.

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