Prepping for a 4K world – Michael Cioni

What a great guy and a great speaker. Off-line editing on FCP and conforming on Premiere Pro is so where I am going…

He echoes my thoughts so much regarding usage of the software as tools, edit packages are no longer things you nail your colours to but tools to make programmes with.


We don’t need to stick with just one programme and squeeze every last pound out of it as we have so many powerful tools now at our disposal that used to cost the earth. DaVinci Resolve is free, Lightworks is free, Avid are giving us Symphony for £715, it used to be £4500… The smart people will be using the cost savings here to invest in the boring stuff like marketing!

Without customers and paid jobs all our efforts are not industry but hobbies! Personally I feel that 4K will make it into the home in a bigger way than 3D, 4K is an immersive experience  because the resolution is what tells us that what we see is the real world.

Someone with monocular vision still feels connected to the real world when they see the killer sunset or the northern lights. Like the northern lights that are now visible in Scotland on occasion 4K gets nearer all the time.

I enjoy 3D now and again but I suspect that 4K will arrive at a better price with better quality than 3D tvs that you don’t need glasses for.

The new range of HP workstations has been released and they are even more capable of playing back 5K footage with the right graphics cards and fast internal raid storage.

Exciting init?

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