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EOSHD great read

Well at long last Vitaliy_Kiselev has released the GH2 hack, you can see a screen shot on EOSHD. I’ll follow this with interest.
Here is a link to Vitaliy’s site, it isn’t easy viewing though! It is more blog than an easy on the eye web site.
It is early days for the hack and I think it is really just for others to help test at the moment but this gives me even more incentive to buy a GH2.
I am hoping it will increase the functionality of use with the Ninja too.

I have been so consumed by looking into which is the best DSLR for me to buy that I haven’t actually bought anything!
You get the impression that another breakthrough product is on the doorstep and you feel that if you buy today that you will be left holding a redundant piece of tech tomorrow.
Then there is the whole lens issue, the standard 14-140 lens is not that fast and so at F4 it will only give a similar depth to a 2/3 camera at F1.7. But as I only have a 1/3 and 1/2 inch chip video cameras it will give me more creativity and a functional range for interviews.
I’ll then look at a 1.7 20mm pancake Panasonic or the new 1.4 25mm Panny/Leica lens. There is always the f.95 voiglander 25mm though if I am feeling flush…

I think the main reason I like the GH2 versus the Canon is that one of the merits of DSLR for video is the small form factor. The MFT system gives the quality with smaller size than the Canon and for entry level customers who need a quick job doing without carting around lights and heavy tripod this will do the trick. I can get a rig going with all the bells and whistles and my Ninja for more arty higher budget jobs.

I have nearly got my wallet out of hibernation just as the summer is here, Yorkshiremen eh!

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