New Sony DSLR killer!

sony fs100


Well it’s here, the F3 wasn’t the answer to the Panny AG-AF101 this it would seem, is!
As always Sony don’t seem to be totally switched on but they are playing a precarious game on the marketing side with interests in DSLR and video cameras in all sectors of the market.
I for one welcome this development but I confess it makes me dither on my decision to go towards the Panny for my next purchase.
I will rant on about the need for a servo zoom to make me commit but at least they are giving the option here for an 11x zoom with the unit.
There is a fab piece to camera by Den & James who are the creative forces behind F-Stop Academy & Hangman Studios in London. They were consulted by Sony to give input on the design and to be fair it is a real departure from trad designs but seems to be logical and innovative at the same time. The XLR placement, why not one either side?
Will this be enough to make me sway back towards Sony.
Before this my money was on an EX1R for a jobbing camera and an AG-AF101/GH2 for DSLR style shoots.
Now who knows…
Stay tuned.

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