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My recent visit to the Apple site was much more interesting. Still no sign of the new Mac Pro, strangely though there was a NEW icon over the MacPro which was confusing, this has now gone! I presume that the NEW icon was there due to the higher end processor speed increase.

But the new MacBook Pro looks amazing, first the positives:

1. it has quad cores up to 2.7 gig i7

2. Up to 16 gig of ram

3. It is re engineered to be slimmer and lighter with clever cooling

4. It has the option of coming with the new Retina display at 2880-by-1800!

5. Long 7 Hours battery life when web/wifi use.

6. Nvidia graphics card

7. All flash memory

8. USB 3 and Thunderbolt

The first thing that is a big jump forward is the display it is amazing to have effectively 2k+ monitoring on a laptop (sorry notebook in apple speak)

I have one gripe though and that is they have not made a 17inch version. I loved my 17inch MacBook Pro even though I am currently typing on my 15 inch. If you are wanting to do serious workstation jobs on a laptop for long periods you want to reduce eye strain. As someone who does not use glasses for close up work but is on the edge of needed them I wonder what the benefit is of a screen that can view amazing detail but is too small to run comfortably at the resolution. I don’t doubt that viewing rushes and edited video content will be amazing but from a point of view of desktop and seeing text etc. I would have preferred the option of a 17inch. I regard something of this power as a transportable desktop not a lightweight over powered email and web viewer. That said I am sure you can reduce the resolution when doing admin tasks and up it when editing or viewing video content. As the resolution on YouTube and iPlayer etc. increases it will be a more immersive experience to have the higher res screen.

This is one area where TV and other content viewing can probably move quicker on the web than tradition TV distribution. I think demand for content higher resolution than HD will move quickly as the screens appear. I think uptake for this will exceed 3D.

So at last an Nvidia graphics card, I will be watching closely to see what the performance enhancements are like on Premiere/After effects with this card, if it gives real time everything even in HD it would be worth investing and we can couple it up to the edit suite with proper monitoring for long edit sessions and have the perfect field tool when out and about!

Some negatives:

1. No 17 inch version as mentioned above.

2. RAM is hard wired in so there is no easy retro fit to enable the user to add RAM cheaply or upgrade later.

I so want to get a new MacPro but I think I am very close to going over to the dark side for the main workstation but a new MacBook Pro with Retina display would be a great personal computer upgrade especially with the thunderbolt and USB 3, describing it as well connected doesn’t come close!

One thing to think about before I go:

1. Cost of the Retina display model, 2.7 gig quad core, 16 gig ram, 512 flash, high-resolution, retina display


incl. VAT

2. Cost of non retina  2.7 gig quad core, 8 gig ram, 512 SSD, high-resolution, 1,680-by-1,050 glossy or anti-glare display £2,839.01

incl. VAT a little more expensive but if you need to inter change SSDs or add more ram yourself it might be better for some.

Exciting init?



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