GoPro 3 Black Edition Camera

I have not used the GoPro but it seems it is going from strength to strength and certainly assuming that the shots have not been through any image stabilisation then they look pretty impressive. See the video below.

The shots in the video are of course stunning especially exciting are the mountain bikes screaming along planks at height and jumping off to fly along trails, very impressive. They are very solid looking, not at all like the often distorted pictures from CMOS sensors put to extremes of movement.

Great shots and check out the amazing under water shots, scantily clad females and whales together, nature at it’s best!

It is billed as being twice the performance and at 1080p 60fps it is but I wonder also if the rolling shutter is also better as a result of a more powerful sensor scan engine. Certainly for quality and portability this looks like an essential tool in the quality video producers toolkit.


See the range here


GoPro camera range

The Black Edition is the highest spec and price but it includes the remote control for the Wi-Fi connection and there is an app for iOS devices and of course it has the highest still resolution at 12MP.

Exciting Innit?


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