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Well there are three deadlines for the BBC staff to hit regarding their intention to move to Manchester. One in June and one in September, another past this week on Thursday and that was the one for senior managers, read the article in Broadcast amazingly 47% have decided to move. This level of ‘buy in’ is unprecedented for a move like this. The £500 million investment by Peel goes on with the early building stages of Salford University going in. I went to the training providers briefing and present were Paul Newman from Peel Media, Liz Molyneaux from BBC Current affairs, Matt Foster from BBC training and development and David McCall from Skillset. Amongst other gems of knowledge (yes the Blue Peter garden is moving to Manchester) was that unless the BBC becomes fully engaged with it’s audience by 2016 and less London centric the license fee would be in jeopardy.

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