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I have not really used magic bullet, I think my prejudice came from the very early version that didn’t seem to give much more than other tools in Avid and Final Cut. But of course the world moves on, the film made to promote the versatility of the software is fab and as usual I really like the behind the scenes video.
So the main video for entertainment is called Plot Device and features our hero navigating a number of genres from Sci-Fi to Film Noire all graded of course in magic bullet. There is also a product called Cosmo which can give glossy magazine looks and give faces a blemish free look, this is only $99. Probably £99 too I bet!
Anyway have a look at the videos you will have a laugh and learn, the Red Giant web site is at
There are loads of products and I will be checking them out in more detail after seeing these videos.
So one of the lessons to learn here is that making your own content with your own tools is the modern way to promote your company and services.
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