Looking for a 4K Workflow at Yorkshireman price? Check out the AJAKi ProQuad

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At 3D Broadcast sales we offer up a range of professional grade broadcasting products for production companies and corporate markets. If you are in the market for a 4K workflow, 3D Broadcast Sales has you covered with a few products that can more than suit your needs.

If you gawp at amazement every time you happen to watch a full 1080p HD film or TV series through online streaming, you will probably have wondered exactly what will replace it and how any image could really be that much better. If you think back to the 1970’s video recording was a major step forward for production companies in the TV industry, and further down the line the VHS (a consumer level tape format) won the war of format over Beta-max to become the world’s number one consumer video.

Flash forward to the 1990’s and the optical disc was introduced offering up a far higher video recording quality than that of the VHS.  The DVD was the format which was standardized across industry and reined top dog in terms of quality until 2006, when two brand new formats called HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc steamed in to the media spotlight offering up seemingly amazing picture and video quality over DVD. Of these two consumer formats Blu-ray Disc eventually won the war and Blu-ray is still to date the very best format one can buy in order to watch video content from a disc.

Now however there is talk of 4K television soon to be appearing on the market, with TV’s which boast the support for an amazing 4,000 pixels. The truth though is that within the computer and cinema industry 4K has been an industry standard for years, and as such from a consumer perspective this emerging technology is actually a little bit late to the ball.

If you are in the market for 4K workflow in a compact, powerful and affordable all round package, then you should check out the AJAKiProQuad which merges massive features with portability allowing you to record edit-friendly 4K, 2K, or HD ProRes files directly to removable SSD Media. Some of the features of this amazing product include:

  • 4K/Quad HD/2K/HD Solid State Video Recorder
  • Supports 10-bit 4:4:4 and 10-bit 4:2:2
  • RAW support
  • Debayer and ProRes encode to on-board SSD
  • Realtime pass-through of RAW data via Thunderbolt™
  • Uncompressed and debayered 4K monitoring output
  • Dedicated HD monitoring via SDI and HDMI
  • Record to edit-friendly 4K, 2K, or HD ProRes files on removable SSD media
  • Offload ProRes files to your non-linear edit system via AJA Thunderbolt™ SSD reader



KiPro Quad and C300

On top of these amazing features above the Ki Pro Quad also has a number of highly beneficial accessories available for it in order to expand on its already large functionality. These include mini stands, accessory plates, SSD media modules and more.


If you would like to find out more about our products at 3D Broadcast Sales feel free to contact us.





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