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Well I have been resisting the change from my XDA stellar but I now wonder why?
Stories of coma, not working because of finger grease, not being a business tool, too many apps make it crash etc.
What an amazing device…so far no going into coma or anything else, syncs to my laptop and mobile me, popped in the sim and it verified through itunes straight away. Itunes has a great control panel now to customise all the functions including the screen layout. Also when it syncs it copies all your podcasts or programmes across to your iphone for use away from connectivity.
The message thread on screen for the texts is great, the screen goes dark when you put the phone to your ear and brightens up when you bring it down – how does it know?.
More than anything though the experience of reading email, surfing the web and everything else is effortless.
The apps are fab, as a sailor I was night sailing into an anchorage at puffin island, Anglesey and I used the maps to motor the boat right onto the anchorage.
There is also one called ship finder that plots the position of big ships and tells you if they are moving or at anchor. Itunes is great and as I have 32gig I don’t have to trade off space to ensure the whole thing doesn’t jam up. I bought a great device from an apple store in London that charges it and transmits high quality FM to my car radio. I drove up the M6 back up north and the road works were aweful, having my own music that didn’t fade out or need re tuning was ace.
Also when the motorway ground to a complete halt I just pulled up maps and found a quick convenient loop (A500) right round the problem and back on after the road works.
What a totally practical mobile device. Apple I salute you.

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