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IBC 2011, well what can I say?
I can start by saying that the welcome and the efficiency of Manchester airport coupled with Easy Jet prices was a fantastic way to travel to Amsterdam. The delays through Liverpool airport security last year quite traumatised us as we missed the flight and so did one of our staff on the Saturday. Anyhow we were very quickly across the North Sea and the Activideo staff were threatening to revolt unless we had a Burger King breakfast! The mutiny thankfully averted we queued to get our place on the bus to RAI.

So we checked in our bags, got our badges and then our free travel cards, sorted. The badges had been redesigned this year with two suspension points rather than one and the jury is out on whether this was an advantage or not! Certainly the stock of lanyards on the exhibitor stands that only had one clip, left the badge dangling at a precarious and certainly ungainly angle. However the two point lanyards proved a great addition to my GH2. I digress but one has to vent these things. We were soon into the hustle and bustle that is IBC but I did notice that is was busier than ever, where are the benefits of global recession when you need them. This was backed up by stats on my return and 50,000 visited the exhibition, I can vouch for this as all of them were standing in front of us when we queued for chips!




The star of the show and the biggest bang per buck must be the JVC 4K camera coming out early 2012 for around £5K! £4K for 4K would have had a bigger PR value and easier to remember but we all have to make money I suppose.

The camera is amazing with a small form factor (see above) but 4K resolution The HMQ10 is essentially a 4K CMOS sensor and a 4X SD card recorder squeezed into the chassis of the GY-HM100. The data stream is divided into 4 so cheaper cards can be used. With a recording rate of 144Mb/s which is the equivalent of over 35Mb/s for a full HD stream, in effect an XDCAM on steroids.
I was told that the target market might be feature film shooting as stunt cameras or to get shots that are hard to get using the main unit camera. I suppose this has legs as an argument if the main unit is an F65 or Alexa but as Red Epic is quite compact it might have less use there.

Personally I think that given the sensor is quite small there will be a large depth of field so cinematic use will be limited. My money would be on indie film makes using this with DOF adaptors, a define increase in sales of Letus, Red Rock etc. This would give indie film makers a Red on a budget.
Don’t get me wrong the quality of the 4x SD cards palying back the stream on the 4K monitor was fantastic. Here is a still of the screen. If you want the original 16meg still use this link you can see how much information there is in the picture!

4K monitor

4K monitor





So I will watch this with interest.





The monitor range from JVC is good and I am told they are the market leader for studio monitors in the mid price sector with Sony as the market leader in the higher end grading monitors. The new studio 24 inch is a Yorkshireman friendly £2150 from CVP.Not bad when you consider I paid more than that for my Panasonic 17inch BTLH1760E and the 25 inch from Panasonic is over £4k.

JVC cameras have always put me off because they use 720P chips that use pixel shifting to get the full 1080 output but they are great cameras and good value for money, they are excellent for college and university installations where you can get a full studio configured camera channel for about £15000. The JVC GY-HM750E and JVC GY-HM100E
are great cameras for Final Cut workflow, which Final Cut I will comment on later!

As always Sony have a massive presence and the whole of hall 12 to themselves!

sony F65

Sony F65

There are some interesting items this year, one of them is the F65, a very nice piece of kit with a super 35 sensor, on the techie side the imager contains a total of 20 Mega-pixels. Half are sensitive to green, and the other half are equally shared by red and blue pixels. The sensor will provide super-sampled HD and 2K images, and this is the first sensor that provides a dedicated green photosite for each pixel in the 4K (4096 x 2160) output image. The green channel is the most significant in creating the Y (or Luminance) signal. Having twice the amount of green photosites compared with the usual 4K Bayer pattern sensors provides a significant improvement in image resolution. The blurb says it will do 4k and higher so will they extend functionality in the future beyond 4K ‽ (forgive the interrobang but I saw it on QI and had to use it).
The price is interesting too, £60,000 will get you the body, viewfinder and data recorder and 256gig new SR solid state module and a dailies unit. Another £7000 will buy you the mechanical shutter option which reduces the rolling shutter. I am sorry but if I was buying a top end piece of kit I would want to end performance built in as standard, if I want jello vision I can buy a DSLR. This is very competitive when compared to Alexa and Red solutions for high end production.


Sony dailies transfer unit

When you get to using cameras of this quality you need a good post workflow to get the most from the high quality sensor and wide colour gamut. Here is a glimpse of the new post process the Academy’s IIF-ACES.

This brings me to a little trolley that was not exactly hidden but not given much attention.

Sony SR trolley

Sony SR trolley

You can see the dailies unit on the left and the SR cards are instantly readable by a web based GUI. There is also fast transfer by 10 Gb ethernet or the usual suspects of 1GbE and e-sata.
The software is called YoYo and you can read more about it here.
Enough about F65 and it’s workflow but I am sure you agree it is a contender and for all those cautious tech buyers who don’t like to stray much from the Sony stable there is plenty to re-assure them.
There was plenty too for the live production crowd with 3D cameras and switchers and and monitors. Moving on from the high end LCD monitors that are billed as CRT replacements there were some interesting organic LED monitors. The BVM-E250 costs a similar amount to the to the high end LED backlit LCD but is cheaper than the F range of OLEDS. (Forgive me for using CVP as reference material but I like the web site and the pricing is a good indicator of what they cost in the real world.)


Pimped FS100

Of course all the exciting new releases of recent times were there “pimped up” the FS100 and the F3. I hadn’t appreciated just how “beefy” the F3 is,

certainly looked the part with all the extras on but everyone looks at the price of the core unit and tends to ignore the cost of the add ons to make it functional. I for one would not buy an FS100 because if I wanted an ND I would have to be using a matte box or at the very least screw on a filter…







Sony F3 and rig

The F3 is getting more and more functional for higher end applications with log s and dual link etc. but in true Yorkshireman style if I was paying £10k without a lens I would want in board 50/100mbs 422 recording. We use EX1s very often and like the 35mbs codec for general corporate work. They are pushing the envelope in delivering large sensors but hanging on to that 50mbs broadcast threshold to hike price.







There was an interesting pair of binoculars that combined stereo vision with the ability

to record HD video to SD cards and of course take stills. It has 1/4 inch sensors and 20x magnification.
This would definately be on my wish list for on board my yacht but lottery win dependent at £1700!


Sony binoculars









Don’t get me wrond I am an HXV200 and a GH2 owner, but the major problem for me


HPX 250

with Panasonic is the lack of a 1/2 inch sensor. I know I keep harping on about it
but if they had just put a 1/2 inch sensor into the new AG-HPX250EJ I would buy one
Ok it is 22x lens, new full raster, low noise sensor, optimised rolling shutter but why oh why
didn’t the Pano boys look at all the sales of the EX1, EX1R and EX3 and go hey we could make
a 1/2 inch chip camera with a full raster 422 50/100 Mbs recorder?
Oh and while I am on a rant why couldn’t Canon have made their new camera with their XF-305 50Mbs 422 codec a 1/2 inch chip?
Why are Sony not putting 50/100Mbs recorders on their EX units?
Is there a global conspiracy to stop Brian Barnes having the camera he needs at Yorkshireman price‽
Well you know what they say, “only one thing worse than being part of a global conspiracy.”
Rant over and so on to the AG-AC130 and 160, this appears to be in the same body as the 250 but it uses SD card media and not the P2, this is because the codec is AVCHD not AVC intra. The 130 is the poor mans version as it only has 50 or 60 hertz not both and does not have 24P, also compressed audio, so a few limitations although it still has the same chip and lens. The SD card slots are good as there are two and can be used for overlap recording or same video to both for backup or dual stream workflow.
What straddles these various cameras? the answer is AVC Ultra, AVC Ultra is a whole suite of codecs that satisfies the whole industry from proxy workflow applications at 800K to 3.5 Mbs to AVCHD at 420 8bit from 6 to 21 Mbs, then AVC long gop 422 10bit at 50-100 Mbs, established AVC intra at 100 providing 10 bit 422 and 50 providing 10bit 420 and now for high end applications 400 at 12 bit 444 and 200 422 10 bit. So something for everyone!
Looking into the future the metadata (data about data) will be more than a few stats, when face recognition, voice recognition and lens data are all fused together the search and library capability is going to be amazing. The script search functions where you can actually search your rushes by searching for instances of particular text is here and now with various edit packages and with plugins.
Another release is a free app for iPod, iPad and iPhone by May next year that enables pdf and jpg viewing wirelessly on Panasonic projectors.

Panasonic Europe today announced the release of two new LCD video monitors for broadcasting and production use: the BT-L2150 (Full HD, 54.6 cm / 21.5


Panasonic Monitors

inches) and the BT-L1500 (WXGA, 39.1 cm / 15.4 inches). The new BT-L2150 and BT-L1500 are LCD video monitors for professional use that support two HD SDI inputs and employ LED backlighting. In contrast to the advanced functionality and rugged build quality of the earlier BT-LH series, the new BT-L series focuses on basic functionality. This is in fact the new Yorkshireman range!

I am not going to go into the whole 3D range but fair to say if you need it they have got loads of it from prosumer cameras to palmcorders and now full shoulder mount units 🙂




dolly crane


Let us just have a bit of a break from tech and have a look at a brilliant bit of grip. Most sliders have a common problem, if they are on a tripod when you venture to far from centre you get instability. With this unit it is counter balanced so wherever you end up at whatever angle it just works, horizontal, diagonal and vertical.
Not only that you have a crank handle or a control unit if you want motion control and last but not least you can use it as a small crane. This is a very nice unit ataround €3700 and €1400 for the computer controller.
Given that most corporate shoots want some sliding or jib action this gives both and with quite a small form factor. They are working on a beefier version for larger cameras.
I really want one of these…








Atomos Samurai

There are many good cheap cameras of all descriptions including large sensors but all have a highly compressed recording and so broadcasters like the BBC are approving cameras like the AG-AF101 but only with outboard higher quality recorders. We bought one of the Atomos Ninja recorders after seeing it at last years NAB to use with GH2 but our Ninja has been out on hire twice since we got it and we almost have recouped our investment. So you can imagine I was very excited to see the Atomos boys again and get to look at the Samurai. The HDSDI input and output appealed and the larger screen.
Atomos didn’t just reveal the Samurai, they also showcased their new HDSDI to HDMI and HDMI to HDSDI converters. These are very cleverly built into the form factor of a sony battery and can be powered by the battery and coupled onto a Ninja or Samurai the power loops through enabling power to both. You choose one or the other depending upon your requirement. I love innovations like these, future proof with 3G capability, test generators and they even have an LED torch to help you rig, very much like the famous Activideo Pen!
I will order one of each to enable recording on our Ninja from HDSDI out on our EX1 and also enable HDMI monitoring on our panasonic monitor.

atomos connect

Atomos Connect








outboard recorder

Sound devices



It is fair to say that all the Atomos products are Yorkshireman certified for amazing value, functionality and innovation but there are other products out there. It would be silly of me to omit the recorder by Sound Developments. I happened upon it and guess what it was attached to an AG-AF101.
Well the cost of this is out of Yorkshiremans reach but it is build like a brick shit house and has virtually ever option you can think of with recording to SSD or compact flash and HDSDI and HDMI input with genlock and timecode for multi cam setups.
Key Features
• Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codec at multiple data rates
• Quicktime file type
• 10-bit input video resolution
• Ultra low-noise (-128 dBu) mic preamps with phantom, limiters, line input (based on 7-Series recorders)

PIX 240

Outboard recorder

• CompactFlash or removable 2.5-inch solid-state hard drives file storage with media spanning, UDF format for Mac OS and Windows compatibility
• High-accuracy built-in time code generator, with genlock and word clock output (PIX 240 only)
• 5-inch, matte finish, 800×480 pixel display
• Large, illuminated, tactile buttons for fast and simple menu control
• Simultaneous HDMI and HD-SDI output (PIX 240 only)
• Up/Down/Cross Conversion of 480i, 525i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
• 336-core, 32-bit massively parallel processor with 1.2 TeraOps for efficient video encoding
• 10-18 VDC and dual L-series battery powering
• Metalized, molded carbon fiber chassis

Full details here.



Obviously there are many more recorders emerging including the very cheap uncompressed ones but users of Prores and Avid Dnxhd codecs must be the smart choice.


Adobe special deal

Well the section above was easy to write! there was a day that Apple would have amazing stands at IBC with racks of Xserves and loads of great producers telling us all about the great films they have made on final cut, graded on colour etc. that is why we all bought into it. Now we are all actually starting to listen to what we have been told by Adobe for the last few years.
Production premium is a great suite of products with the best integration and acceleration from the graphics card with the mercury engine. When I first heard it I ignored it because I was commited to Final Cut, now I am not.
So Apple have not only been crap at looking after us on the software side, they have been bad at accelerating the hardware side and have been developing everything except the mac pro! I am fed up of waiting and feel like buying a 12 core PC with silly amounts of ram and the best graphics card to accelerate premiere pro as my new high end suite. We can still use final cut as an offline resource .
So in a nutshell I am not going to go into detail about Adobe because they have got all the detail on their website and they make industry standard tools like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, Encore, On Location etc.
With a decent hardware solution it is everything Final Cut Studio should be.
I have downloaded Production premium and they have the half price and upgrade offers so strike while the iron is hot.
I would still like a new mac pro so I can run anything I want but needs must and the ability to play epic 5K footage on my timeline without rendering is calling.
Final Cut X is now available for trial and there is XML in and out but it may be too little, too late.


SxS cards

SxS cards

New SXS cards
This was a quick view on a stand and was sxs cards with a usb2 and 3 connection so you don’t need to put the card into anything!
See them here http://www.wise-advanced.com.tw/ they also seem to be selling 64gig and 128 gig SD cards.







BBC academy

BBC academy

BBC training
Being an BBC guy you can never forget your BBC training days so when I saw the BBC Academy guys standing there all on there own I had to go over and chat to them. They are still doing amazing training courses and you can get more details here. www.bbcacademy.com and also the brilliant Yorkshireman friendly site of www.bbc.co.uk/collegeofproduction
yes you guessed it loads of quality free information.





lumix lenses

Panasonic Lumix lenses

Panasonic New micro 4/3 Lenses
It was a small stand but it was in the Panasonic area.
There is a new servo zoom the Lumix GX Vario PZ 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH
Power OIS (H-PS14042)
Also a 45 -175 Lumix GX Vario PZ.
And now to rival the Voigtlander F.95 there is the Leica summilux 25mm F1.4 with auto focus.
So a few new toys for us M43 enthusiasts.


F1.8 lens

Panny/Leica Summilux


Sachler tripod

Sachler tripod

There is now a new Yorkshireman level tripod called the Ace. It has 0-4kgs capability and OK for DSLR and EX/AGAF101 type cameras.
I like Sachler stuff and the fluid system is great. http://www.sachtler.com/us/ace.html
This would be a good replacement for my ageing manfrotto 525/501 combo.
I think it will be around the £500-600 mark coming soon.




If I remember any more stuff I will add it to this post but that’s it for now.


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