IBC 2010


Red Epic revealed


IBC 2010

Well IBC this year didn’t get off to a good start; we printed out the first boarding pass that presented itself (be careful it is the return one)! After being turned away from the gate we tried to check in as normal and were told that due to security queues we couldn’t get on. So instead of a certain easy (not) provider, KLM will convey us next year.
A day lost but over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday the following were of personal interest.




One of the highlights for me was to happen upon an appearance at the bandpro stand of Ted Schilowitz. The charismatic visionary was showing off the Red Epic camera. Although well past the original (stormy) shipping forecast, Ted maintained that the camera was still 5 years ahead. Although we were surrounded by many great cameras on the stand (such as Arri Alexa) Ted pointed out that they were all pretty much HD video cameras, not cinema cameras. Also the 5K resolution was amazing from essentially a hand held device, 5K doesn’t sound like much more than the Red One 4K but it is another leap forward. I held it and it was well balanced but deceptively heavy with the large piece of glass attached. The cooling system has been revised and Ted acknowledged that the previous inefficient system had been replaced by a cool air in at the bottom out at the top design!


Red Epic

Let us not forget that shooting in HD gave us much better SD and great flexibility in post to zoom and crop. If you are delivering 4K you need Epic. Talking about stormy, Ted suggested that we check out Storm on the Foundry stand. At present it is essentially a fab DOP/DI/Assistant editor tool, which has a timeline, and down the road a rapid path to be a finishing tool, this was a rumour further enhanced by the refusal of the Foundry staff to allow any Autodesk staff onto the stand! It can output to Red rocket. So enough about Red but as the epic has a small form factor and great resolution what better high-end camera for 3D rigs!
I wonder how far away the Scarlet camera is?


JVC 3D realtime encoder


Yes 3D is trying hard to be the new kid on the block despite being around since the 1800s in still form and the last five decades in movies. It is determined to convince people that it is all systems go and they should get their chequebooks out now. Many retailers selling cameras and support systems were all trying hard to sell you two of everything! JVC had an amazing piece of kit that did quite a good job of creating a 3D picture from 2D footage live and in hardware. The IF-2D3D1 will cost £25k but could get your back catalogue making money on a 3D platform while you get writing all those double sized cheques!

Matrox has integrated 3D recognition on the HDMI (1.4) interface on some of it’s MXO range. This coupled with a commercial 3D TV can give a great cost effective 3D edit workflow.

But there is still a bewildering array of systems, resolutions and costs to be considered. At the end of the day will the consumers pay the extra cost?
For some background on 3D there is an excellent resource here http://vimeo.com/album/265429.


Smoke software

Hi End Trend
There is a trend for high-end solutions such as Autodesk Smoke and Da Vinci to offer software only solutions that run on a Mac. This gives an amazing potential for those interested in accessing markets that would have been exclusive to the well heeled previously. Having said that I still think £10,000 is a bit steep for a Smoke even in Amsterdam!
You can buy into Da Vinci for $995 but the full control surface is €24,000, I’ll have to break open my piggy bank. Once you have started on a Mac and brought in more business you can run it on Linux and power it by supercomputers for more “oh it plays straight away” factor…




atomos ninja

Atomos Ninja

I am always interested in reasonably priced high quality recorders. I liked the look of the Ki Pro but thought the price a bit steep. The release of the Ki Pro mini was very interesting. It records to compact flash and has HDMI and HDSDI inputs, is much more compact and records Apple Pro Res files. But it is still around the £1700 mark and is a grand more expensive than my favorite the


Ki Pro Mini

A radical unit that is compact has a touch screen interface that also views footage! It has two battery mounts that facilitates continuous recording while changing cells. It records Pro Res of course to laptop hard drives
and so they can be edited from straight away and are very cheap/gigabyte.
The price is around €795. The designer is ex Black Magic so it is no surprise that this seems to be just that!



Apart from the RED EPIC mentioned above my next favorite (more affordable) toy is the Panasonic AG-AF100. This is a “real” video camera implementation of a DSLR 4/3 front-end chip. This has some big plus points!
1. Recording to cheap media in AVCHD format
2. Small depth of field for creativity
3. Interchangeable lenses
4. XLR audio connection
5. HDMI and HDSDI out for monitoring and high quality recording when the client has more cash and/or when green screen and better keying are involved.

And the price being quoted so far £3899 plus vat. This camera is also good because you could use a GH1 or the NEW GH2 as second unit and still be able to access the lenses.




The GH2 from Panasonic looks set to rock the Canon camp. It has the Holy Grail, a live HDMI out. They still put a small icon on if you are recording but this is a big step forward if you used it with the recorder above you can have high quality, highly creative HD footage for £2,000. Shoot a commercial on a £2k rig? Now you can!




Well apart from the usual suspects and the new trends mentioned above there was an interesting development on the EditShare stand. They seem to have



bought Lightworks and Geevs server off Gee Broadcast. We used Lightworks when I was at Lime Pictures and the editors always liked the interface. EditShare have been developing the software and bringing it into the 21st century and plan to make it a free product. Apart from the obvious benefit of ensuring that Lightworks on an EditShare system will work well it is a good ploy to get more people back onto this edit platform to help sales of hardware and systems.
Avid used this marketing technique with Avid free and of course in subsidising student-targeted systems. No better way to grow your business than get them into your workflow young.

forbidden technologies

forbidden technologies

The other system of note is the Forbidden technologies cloud based edit system. There are two flavours, one a pro system called Forscene and the other aimed at the consumer called Clesh. It is amazing as it allows collaborative workflow without distance being an issue. A crew can upload footage in Japan while a producer in Manchester reviews footage and an editor in Canada cuts it! We are using it for our customers to see the footage on file and do rough cuts then review the edits. ITV have been using it for The Lakes. The system uses JAVA to work in any browser on any computer. Having said that it does seem to favour Firefox over Safari…


iPad prompter

There are many new offerings that use the iPhone or iPad or the two working together with the pad as display and the iPhone as a remote editor/controller but I was very impressed by the new range from Autocue as they are not only well built but are affordable too. They do have a system that uses the iPad but their solutions with a display and their own software start from about a grand, they are also diversifying into camera support and lighting.

So all in all a good IBC if I did miss a day. Next year as I am flying with the real easy flight system KLM, I will get more time to browse and report, of course it would help if someone would pay me to report next year!

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