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New JVC camera

Just a few reflections on what I saw in Amsterdam. There weren’t any stunning knock out products but a few things tweaked my interest as a small business owner.
The two new cameras from JVC the GY-HM 100 & 700 are very good, the functionality of recording to low cost SD cards with two slots with files ready to edit in final cut is great (I am a final cut user). The larger camera (700) is understandably a sharper picture as a result of the better changeable lens and 1/3 inch chips. The flip out screen has great resolution and is a joy to view.
The smaller camera with 1/4 inch chips is a great doco camera, very low profile, you can even take off the pro audio interface so you can pretend to have a real tourist camera. Also if it was used for news gathering in a dodgey country you can get out with footage hidden or taken out in plain sight on the SDHC card. See this report by phil bloom.

There was an interesting piece of software that enables you to edit and upload to a server or web site from a mobile phone. http://www.luci.eu/luciav.html. They supply a break out box to enable you to connect a decent mike and a bracket to mount the phone on a tripod. As yet only on pocket pc as the camera is only good enough quality on the samsung. Good idea for journos and low cost agile content producers.

A great little product was the raid 1, 0, jbod VR and VR mini unit from Caldigit. A portable device which is easy on storage space and great on location for data backup. They have firewire 400, 800, e-sata and USB interfaces.

By far and away the best product blew me away, it has been in development for the last five years but seems to have come of age …… sorry I am not going to divulge it as I am trying to get my head around how I can make money and transform my business with it!

There were some great little prompters that use an iphone, ipod touch or tablet pc.

And a product from Citidisk that gives Focus a run for their money as it records HDV, DV, DVCPRO HD all on a compact flash! You need their very fast approved card for the 100Mbs but you can use cheap ones for the 25Mbs. This isn’t on the web site yet but the hard drive version is pretty good.
With Focus you have to elect for DV or DVCPRO HD version, these do both.

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