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Hyperdeck Shuttle

Wow, some great products coming out of the Black Magic camp, released at NAB this week.
Check out the web site for all the new items, I am highlighting a few of them below.
A really cheap uncompressed recorder, the Hyper deck shuttle for $345 yes $345…
There is a dual SSD studio recorder in a rack mount for $995. The only thing is it uses SSDs which will be pricey when compared to Atomos laptop hard drives. The other thing is that quality is fab at uncompressed but do we really need this much data these days for anything except high end productions? they don’t even spec out how much record time you get on a drive. I still think that Pro Res at high data rates is fine for most projects, at 1.5 Gbs you are going to have serious data archiving issues! We are talking approx. 90 Gig a minute so if you thought you had problems with P2 cards then this will give you nightmares if you do long form production.
I presume they save on licensing costs to Apple by making it uncompressed but this would have been so much more practical and a mass market device if it had Pro Res codecs in it.
At present I see this only as a high end device and you would still need to data wrangle to free up your SSDs.
Much more appealing is the ATEM Television studio, an amazing 4 input SD/HD vison mixer with frame stores in and the ability to control it with a laptop or custom control panel for the more involved vision mixing tasks. Only $995, the control surface is $4995.
There are higher spec units with more ME banks as your needs dictate more keying and multilayered options.

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