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Atomos Samurai

I saw the Atomos Ninja at IBC 2010 and was blown away by the functionality and the price, the Yorkshireman coming out there again!
I was definately going to buy the HDMI recorder as soon as I could. Now they have announced the Samurai, an HDSDI version, it is more expensive but still way cheaper than a nanoflash or the recently announced uncompressed recorder from Convergent Design the Gemini 4.4.4.

Choices choices, even more dilemas for the man who can’t make a choice and is very close to his money…
I like being able to loop out of the HDSDI to the monitor and that will allow E toE monitoring and playback but HDMI is pretty standard these days and that would also mean being able to record from smaller tape units like my HV20. Extending the functionality of old but not redundant kit appeals to me!
I still think a GH2 with an HDMI Ninja would be an amazing combination.
So check out the newly overhauled web site So many game changing devices arriving at the moment but don’t forget to spend money on marketing, not just toys.
Without customers our businesses are just hobbies!

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