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super8 camera

16mm camera

I am visiting EOSHD more and more as the articles are great and it has a good spread of information across all camera platforms. It isn’t overly 5D centric.
I have now actually bought a GH2 and have been a fan of the micro 4/3 format from a theoretical point of view. We all know that between theory and practice can be quite a gulf, part of the sucess of a format is support from the originators, a fan base generating sales, third party suppliers, legacy devices and some luck. The micro 4/3 has all these going for it.
Here is great common sense view of full frame sensors from EOSHD http://www.eoshd.com/content/137/the-death-of-full-frame.

SO now I have got over my 5D envy and size issues (sensor that is…) I am now looking forward to:
Hacking my GH2
Buying a C-mount adaptor so I can use my 16mm lens

Shooting by recording with my Ninja
Buying a matte box and follow focus but it will have to work with my HVX200 and EX1 though, I am a Yorkshireman after all!

Here you can see a bit of lens role reversal, wait till I get that C-mount adaptor, I am going to clean the lens up while I am waiting for the £7.50 adaptor.

old lens

Small lens, big sensor

In short my GH2 is high quality, high fun, practical, lightweight, interesting, cheap and will generate money at work.
It is cinematic chic, maybe this camera will be a force to be reckoned with at least until next week.
Excitin init?

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