DSLR convergence!


Canon Sony Hybrid

I don’t want much, a 35mm sensor, an ASA that will give me great looking brightness and colour in low light reducing my lighting requirement, good creativity with depth of focus, an uncompressed (or low compressed) recording format so I don’t throw away most of the quality, good sound recording with XLRs so my sound isn’t compromised, long form recording that doesn’t cost the earth, good mounting systems for on tripod and hand held and all for £1000!

We have a Panasonic HVX200 for general use with a firestore for long recording times. The firestore can be a bit flaky and I hate firewire connections (no locking and soon get loose). I am very interested in the convergence of stills cameras and video cameras and I am keeping an eye out for a system that would compliment our HVX for a bit more creativity without breaking the bank, a poor mans RED if you like.
We have the video cameras getting higher definition and cheaper but the sensors are not getting larger so creativity with smaller depth of focus isn’t good without the add ons of red rock, letus and the other variants. The RED camera is obviously great but a bit expensive for general use.
The canon cameras 5D and 7D seem to have a limited output from the HDMI lead and don’t auto focus in the video mode. The panasonic GH1 does auto focus in video and seems a good compromise but is a smaller sensor than the other stills cameras.

So what is the best way to go to experiment? Check out the system above, they seem to have glued a 35mm camera to an old video camera and embedded an audio recorder in it!

Stay tuned…

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