Axus raid array

These days with larger hard drives cheaper and cheaper the tendency is to load them up!
But when they die or get corrupted they give a large headache. So what can you do?
Backup is the name of the game, we use LTO3, you can archive 400gig per tape and the cost is about £20/tape. But you can’t spend all your time backing up, you need to get on and do work.
The other way to protect yourself is to use raided drives, these spread the data across several drives to ensure that you don’t loose the lot when one dies.


LTO 3 Drive

The cheapest are RAID 1 (mirror) where two drives both store the same data and then if one dies the other is accessed the perfect system is to store onto a raid and then backup and take the backup off site. Always have two copies while a production is ongoing.
We have a 6TB bay RAID 5 array where you can replace the drive that dies and the data is rebuilt.

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