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I attended the Business Link and Manchester Chamber event call Survive and thrive. It was really good on a number of levels. 1. It was free 2. So was the lunch 3. there was lots of advice and the speakers were good 4. It gave me the chance to see Concord close up. One of my regrets is that I will never be able to fly on it. I did however get to fly the simulator in Bristol when I used to work on the Krypton Factor. The simulator was very primitive, just a 3d map mounted sideways in a room and a camera that “flew” over it, after a day recording the output to a portable 1 inch recorder in the map room I was invited to try and fly it! I did manage to land it and so although I will never fly at twice the speed of sound I have been at the controls, well worth a visit if you havn’t seen it.


concorde conference centre

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