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The Ultimate Camera?

We techies lust after the next level of camera tech. HD, 2.5K, 4K, RAW etc. but what would the ultimate be? When you look back at how cameras have evolved every camera has captured frames of one sort or another. Film was real frames, each pulled down and exposed in turn with varying frame rates. […]

Digital Bolex Update

Well a while ago we covered the introduction of the Digital Bolex. The team went away and did a lot of thinking and implementation. Now the camera still keeps the ethos of the original Bolex but has many new ideas and features. See the blog post here. There are 100 changes, many it seems are […]

GoPro 3 Black Edition Camera

I have not used the GoPro but it seems it is going from strength to strength and certainly assuming that the shots have not been through any image stabilisation then they look pretty impressive. See the video below. The shots in the video are of course stunning especially exciting are the mountain bikes screaming along […]

Sony NEX-EA50EH Large chip on your shoulder!

  See the promo video here. I can’t believe how many new cameras Sony bring out these days, it is hard to keep up with blogging about them (sorry about that) partly as I am busy at Activideo producing and at Sublime Pictures editing. Because the camera market is changing so quickly the second hand […]

Black Magic Camera Grip

Zacuto Rigs for the Blackmagic Camera from Steve Weiss on Vimeo. Well I am still waiting for my Black Magic Camera as there have been two delays now but it does give me a bit more time to organise the finance, think about accessories and how I will be using it! This video from Zacuto […]

Sony PMW-200, Full HD XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

                      At last, for anyone wanting pictures that don’t fall apart and 1/2 inch chips to give you a little bit more creativity regarding smaller depth of field with a decent codec, enter Sony with the PMW-200. A suitable replacement indeed for the EX1-R and […]

“GoPro” Killer? JVC GC-XA1EU

The GoPro has been the “Go To” camera for small lightweight rugged cameras that can go into a waterproof housing. They provide stunning aerial shots and there are many breath taking moments of sky divers and wing suit dare devils doing the most amazing things. Here is a camera from JVC  ADIXXION (pronounced addiction) that […]

Looking for a 4K Workflow at Yorkshireman price? Check out the AJAKi ProQuad

This is a guest blog by 3D Broadcast Sales. At 3D Broadcast sales we offer up a range of professional grade broadcasting products for production companies and corporate markets. If you are in the market for a 4K workflow, 3D Broadcast Sales has you covered with a few products that can more than suit your […]

Black Magic Cinema Camera aka Barnesycam

For this blog I had planned to do an article on my perfect camera it was to have the spec below and cost about £6000. The sketch was going to appear here and get you all salivating and talking about the “Barnesycam” then I was going to dare someone to build it and keep an […]

IBC 2011

IBC 2011, well what can I say? I can start by saying that the welcome and the efficiency of Manchester airport coupled with Easy Jet prices was a fantastic way to travel to Amsterdam. The delays through Liverpool airport security last year quite traumatised us as we missed the flight and so did one of […]

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