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Connectivity, when to upgrade?

I heard a saying once that a game changing event was when you had a change by a factor of 10. Not sure where I heard that but it seems to ring true. I had a fairly average broadband connection for a while and although I wanted to have a better one there were not […]

UKFAST round table event

I was invited to a UKFast round table event entitled Video Nation to discuss the future of online video. Although it sounds like a medieval feast with knights in shining armour and the table wasn’t round! it was in fact a great business forum where a select group is invited to discuss a particular topic […]


We are starting to get a bewildering array of browsers now, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox and now Google Chrome! Well I use iWeb and I have been annoyed at the fact that it doesn’t seem to make pages that are consistent across browsers. I know it is only a cheap and cheerful programme and […]


“Doctor doctor, I have an insatiable desire to buy the latest Apple product, what shall I do?” “Take a tablet!” Well we shall see what the ipad does, is the gap between iphone and Macbook Pro one that needs filling? I must say having thought about it I do carry my laptop round the flat […]

iPhone 3GS

Well I have been resisting the change from my XDA stellar but I now wonder why? Stories of coma, not working because of finger grease, not being a business tool, too many apps make it crash etc. What an amazing device…so far no going into coma or anything else, syncs to my laptop and mobile […]

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