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Want a digital Bolex?

What an interesting project, you can support these guys through kick starter or check them out on their website Basically this gives amazing 2K RAW footage for $3000, I hope it gets made as it would really sell I am sure, it does not follow the current “I want a bigger sensor” fashion but […]

Concorde Conference Centre

I attended the Business Link and Manchester Chamber event call Survive and thrive. It was really good on a number of levels. 1. It was free 2. So was the lunch 3. there was lots of advice and the speakers were good 4. It gave me the chance to see Concord close up. One of […]

Media City latest

Well there are three deadlines for the BBC staff to hit regarding their intention to move to Manchester. One in June and one in September, another past this week on Thursday and that was the one for senior managers, read the article in Broadcast amazingly 47% have decided to move. This level of ‘buy in’ […]

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