We are starting to get a bewildering array of browsers now, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox and now Google Chrome!
Well I use iWeb and I have been annoyed at the fact that it doesn’t seem to make pages that are consistent across browsers. I know it is only a cheap and cheerful programme and not Dreamweaver but how hard could it be?
I noticed a particular problem which is download order. As a video generator I make podcasts and want to use them more. But in Firefox it downloads the video as just another element, so until the video has downloaded you don’t get all the text on screen. Safari is fine but it is an apple product but not many people use it. You would think it was logical to download the smallest eIements first. I tried google chrome and it has an indicator showing the number of elements downloading and how many it is up to. I quite like it and may start to use it as my browser of choice, anything video friendly has got to be good. Watch this space.

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