Broadcast Video Expo North

Broadcast Video Expo North

First BVE North

It is great to finally have a technical broadcast exhibition on our doorstep for a change. The big problem was that I saw so many people that I knew that I spent all the time chatting and not so much looking at the kit! In some cases it was about 20 years since I had seen them. It seems to have been well received certainly as a first time event, Dave Clark of Mitcorp/CVP said he had taken plenty of sales and it was a great way to network and would have liked another day. Certainly it takes a good deal of putting together so maybe a 3 day event would be optimum.



Rotolight at BVE North

I bought myself some Rotolights as I have been wanting some lightweight LED lighting kit for a while, there was an intriguing large Rotolight Anova that is being billed as wireless, if you are shooting in 2 locations you can sample the light in one and send it to the other so you get the same colour on the second unit!
• World’s First WiFi equipped light. Wirelessly control brightness, colour, system settings, and even update firmware.
• Revolutionary ‘Magic Eye’ (Patent Pending) technology uses iPhone/iPad to accurately measure colour temperature, and wirelessly transmits colour settings to ANOVA

See the news release on the web site

In general it was dealers not manufacturers that were exhibiting, no bad thing as you need to buy the kit once you have decided what to buy. Knowing what support is available for your gear locally is important as you want to get updates, quick service and advice to ensure any downtime is minimised.
Also buying on the internet may give you a cheap deal but you might get a grey import that no one will fix when you need servicing or repair!

I decided to look over an area that I have previously not looked at very much – Slo motion. In the past I have used library footage but if you really needed to get a dramatic look, capturing many more frames per second is always sexy.


Phantom camera

Phantom Flex

So first up was the phantom flex, this is a camera that performs well in many situations not just slo motion. I bumped into Paul Lilley (owner operator) who uses his very often at standard frame rate of 25P and I can see why when I looked at the performance of the camera in the Zacuto shoot out.The use of a global shutter gives it a “solid look” that not many of the other high end cameras have. Paul also had worked with some 3D academics to produce a beam splitter system

Beam splitter

Phantom 3D Rig

that enables the Phantom to record 3D and of course with the added benefit of 3D slo motion. This works well until you get to below a metre and convergence is not optimum.

The Phantom Flex can record: Max speed at full resolution of 2560 x 1600 is 1455 fps in Standard mode and 725 fps in HQ mode
At 1920 x 1080, max speed is 2570 fps in Standard mode and 1275 fps in HQ mode. It also has great sensitivity as the ISO is rated at 1200. The Phantom is a bit of a beast and not exactly cheap so renting is a prefered option. Usually with specialist kit you want a specialist operator anyway to get the most out of the shoot day. So what other options are there?








Photron Slow Motion

The web site has all the models available but in our industry the Fastcam BC2 HD is probably of interest.
It is more of a TV friendly body with suitable add ons and will at 1920×1080 give you 2000 frames/second, so not far short of the Phantom, those 500 frames less could be quite critical for some applications though!

The BC2 HD provides four megapixel resolution (2048×2048 pixels) at 1,000 fps, full 1080 HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) at 2,000 fps and frame rates up to 86,000 fps with reduced resolution.
I spoke with Mark Johnson form Slow Mo High Speed Camera Hire who was the owner operator on the stand. As with the other owners the types of filming he gets involved with is military, ballistic, aeronautic and industrial and diagnostic testing.





slow motion

Olympus Slow Motion Camea

Despite a lot of negative publicity recently, rapid share price drop and a slow speed guilt admission policy, Olympus has a high speed camera!

I spoke with Dave Hill owenr operator from Acrobat TV, he said that this camera is easy to use and quite cheap by comparison to the other cameras but does only have a 720 HD resolution. You would have to upres this if you were mastering at 1920×1080 but as slow motion has a different look and purpose you may find the trade off to be acceptable. In the North Dave can provide the camera with an operator or you can hire direct from the Olympus dealer Adam Marshall at Olympus Industrial Systems Europe in Essex.

The camera on the right is the basic model, the one underneath is a new model that has PL mount with video industry friendly settings like white balance, gain etc. on the control panel.

There are a few variations on the website but the maximum frames per second at the full resolution of 720P is 2000.

So if you have a need for high, medium or low cost slow motion image capture there is a solution for you in the northwest.

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