Black Magic Camera Grip

Zacuto Rigs for the Blackmagic Camera from Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

Well I am still waiting for my Black Magic Camera as there have been two delays now but it does give me a bit more time to organise the finance, think about accessories and how I will be using it!

This video from Zacuto is very thought provoking, they have designed a rod system that is mounted above – why not?

They also raise the point that has been nagging everyone, the internal battery. The camera is so cheap why not have two? one on charge and the other being used, giving you backup too. An interesting thought but an external power source must be the first choice, that is why we need rigs because as pros we keep wanting to add stuff.

I am very tempted to buy the Black Magic Ultra Light but I think Zacuto make good products for people who are going to hammer kit. If you are out all the time or are a rental house or a busy production company then buying there stuff makes sense. It isn’t cheap though and the cost can quickly escalate to more than the money you paid for the camera.

Rightly or wrongly I value the lens, camera and the electronics above “bits of metal” to support it and I am not really a fan of hand held shots so I usually use a large floor mounted rig with a very flexible head and support system occasionally referred to as a tripod… all that said this rig looks very practical would complement tripod working and it is close to Yorkshireman price. All marks to Zacuto for leading the way but I think there may be quite a few copies of this coming out.

Anyhow have a watch of this and see how leading grip designers are preparing for the Barnesycam 🙂

Exciting innit?

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