Atomos Ninja V2.0 firmware

ninja firmware

Ninja Firmware Update

The guys at Atomos continue to deliver new functionality to their breakthrough product at an unprecedented rate. Here is
AtomOS Version 2.0
stepping up Ninja’s production power!

Smooth ProRes playback with cool navigation tools, multiple timecode modes, and an improved file naming system for ease of navigation and organising in post-production.

Version 2.0 is now available, and it’s not only delivered on all the promises made, but it’s gone beyond that, with new functionality that no-one anticipated. Check out the short video below explaining the many improvements.
Playback – Instant Review of Any Apple ProRes File
• Perfect playback of ProRes clips at the Ninja’s full-screen resolution
• Touchscreen scrub navigation: instant seek to any point – even on an 8-hour clip.
• Shuttle controls (stop, step, play, fast fwd, fast fast fwd, fast rwd, fast fast rwd)
• Frame-by-frame advance and reverse
• Complete on-set navigation and review of shots
• Completely independent of camera: check your shots on the way home.
• All touchscreen controls
Timecode – Flexible Multicam and Standard Timecode Variants
• Time of Day Timecode for Multicamera shoots
• Record run
• Auto Restart
• Set start point (begin timecode at user-given time for Rec Run and Auto Start)
• Timecode from LANC (auto detect of Drop Frame TC)
• Drop Frame Functionality
• All timecode features are one click away – just touch “Timecode”
Improved File Naming – Sequential Clip Naming For Easy Filing and Review
• No two files on the same drive will have the same name
• Sequential file naming
Unit Naming – Name your Ninja!
• Unit Naming: give a customisable name to your unit which in turn names the removable media so as to be easily recognised (i.e. Camera 1)
• Identify your Ninja or Rename the Unit and the drive for each customer or camera

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