Atomos Ninja-New firmware 2.01


Ninja firmware upgrade

Atomos have a great solution for updates as the whole system can be re-written and re-configured to respond to market forces and of course client needs.
I communicated with Dave Shapton at Atomos and mentioned that I was not as happy with the file based workflow compared with P2. The main considerations were the folders and then multiple files within for a single clip and the repetition of timecode. He assured me that timecode was on the way and ultimately a better file system.
Well 2.01 is no dissapointment with high quality playback and timecode and more. I’ll let you hear it from the horses mouth see the video below. In short the Ninja never stops getting better, great value and I have already got a 1/4 of the price back after renting it out to Jamie Olivers production company! Great job Atomos. I had no problems upgrading the firmware according to the detailed instruction on the web site, always ensure you have plenty of power because you don’t want to run out of juice in mid procedure.

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