Kiefer Connnections – A rambling account.

Well I have to say I am well impressed. When I first saw that Kiefer Sutherland was coming to play at Gorilla my first thought was that if Jack Bauer was going to rock up near my house then the least I could do was get my arse round to the venue and see what […]

The Election

The election coming up is very important to all of us so I will be going for it and posting lots of stuff. I have no idea who I will be voting for at the moment. So it will be a journey for me as well as you. We all want a quiet life and […]

Vegan for 30 days!

  I want to take more control over my diet and get more healthy, so I am going to take the 30 day vegan challenge as a way to explore veganism. As an existing vegetarian you would think it would be easy but a few weeks thinking about it has indicated that it is going […]

When things don’t go well, look for the positive!

  “If a race goes well you learn a lot about your own spirit. If it doesn’t you learn a lot about the human spirit in others!” I had not done enough training for this marathon due to working away and I had an injury that seemed to have made the muscle above it more […]


I started this blog as I was interested in technology and specifically TV tech. I stopped as I couldn’t keep up with the pace of change. New cameras coming out all the time. Even the guru that is Phillip Bloom gave up trying to review all the stuff around. So what to do with the […]

The Ultimate Camera?

We techies lust after the next level of camera tech. HD, 2.5K, 4K, RAW etc. but what would the ultimate be? When you look back at how cameras have evolved every camera has captured frames of one sort or another. Film was real frames, each pulled down and exposed in turn with varying frame rates. […]

Digital Bolex Update

Well a while ago we covered the introduction of the Digital Bolex. The team went away and did a lot of thinking and implementation. Now the camera still keeps the ethos of the original Bolex but has many new ideas and features. See the blog post here. There are 100 changes, many it seems are […]

GoPro 3 Black Edition Camera

I have not used the GoPro but it seems it is going from strength to strength and certainly assuming that the shots have not been through any image stabilisation then they look pretty impressive. See the video below. The shots in the video are of course stunning especially exciting are the mountain bikes screaming along […]

Sony NEX-EA50EH Large chip on your shoulder!

  See the promo video here. I can’t believe how many new cameras Sony bring out these days, it is hard to keep up with blogging about them (sorry about that) partly as I am busy at Activideo producing and at Sublime Pictures editing. Because the camera market is changing so quickly the second hand […]

Black Magic Camera Grip

Zacuto Rigs for the Blackmagic Camera from Steve Weiss on Vimeo. Well I am still waiting for my Black Magic Camera as there have been two delays now but it does give me a bit more time to organise the finance, think about accessories and how I will be using it! This video from Zacuto […]

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