4K playback on a MacBook Air!


MacBook Air

Those who have been following my blog know I am fed up waiting for a new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt. To some extent this is a block to us mid market video professionals using Thunderbolt but it is frustrating because I can see potential in the technology and I don’t want to invest in iMacs due to the expansion limitations. However I found this demo by Dave Helmly on the Jigsaw24 site and it looks very impressive. Admittedly it is using an expansion chassis and a Red Rocket card but even a stingy Yorkshireman wouldn’t expect a MacBook Air to play back 4K on it’s own! (well on second thoughts…)

I am always on the lookout for fast, cost effective solutions or even portable solutions that can improve workflow from location to post. Given the cascade functionality of Thunderbolt maybe pci expandability isn’t so much of an issue as it once was. Perhaps a quad core iMac solution could be a workstation option.

Watch the video, it is even more impressive when you get to the end but in the interest of suspense and creative storytelling I won’t give the game away.

Exciting init?

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