2/3 lens on an AG -AF101, AbelCine


Abel cine B-mount on AG-AF101

One of the things that has put me off jumping in with a DSLR or an F3 or an AG-AF101 is the lack of a servo zoom.
Let us not forget that “video cameras” were developed over a long time and should not be despised because of the new pretenders on the block.
When we have to go out and work on budget jobs using only one person we need a good servo zoom to put in some movement in without the need for a track and have a variable angle of view to reduce the need to constantly reposition camera. If we don’t have a focus puller we will need a less demanding depth of field to get the job done right.
Sorry I am an old school kind of guy. Minimal depth of field should be used to illustrate a point and if it is used all the time the effect is reduced because the brain stops noticing. People jumping onto the cinema bandwagon are over doing it. Films don’t have minimal depth in every shot…
So as I don’t have the budget to have a camera for all seasons it would be good to have a DSLR killer that can turn out more creative work and have lens mount flexibility but work as a jobbing camera too!
Enter AbelCine they have some great products http://vimeo.com/19839954 the Hot Rod Tuner and the HDx2 B4/PL Optical Adapter allow 2/3” lenses to work on the panny camera.
There is a loss of light and it is not cheap but until someone makes a custom lens that is designed from scratch this may be a help to some.
This is very encouraging, the F3 has a zoom rocker and sony are telling us they may have a zoom lens soon but to cover a super 35 sensor it won’t be cheap. It should be easier to make one to cover a 4/3 sensor, Panasonic have missed a trick here for even bigger volume sales.
The smaller producer needs a swiss army knife style camera that covers a lot of bases, in the past the limitation has been settling for a fixed lens camera, the emergence of larger chip cameras with interchangeable lenses at a reasonable price is a good thing. It is going to be a very interesting year.

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