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Sony PMW-200, Full HD XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

                      At last, for anyone wanting pictures that don’t fall apart and 1/2 inch chips to give you a little bit more creativity regarding smaller depth of field with a decent codec, enter Sony with the PMW-200. A suitable replacement indeed for the EX1-R and […]

“GoPro” Killer? JVC GC-XA1EU

The GoPro has been the “Go To” camera for small lightweight rugged cameras that can go into a waterproof housing. They provide stunning aerial shots and there are many breath taking moments of sky divers and wing suit dare devils doing the most amazing things. Here is a camera from JVC¬† ADIXXION (pronounced addiction) that […]

Looking for a 4K Workflow at Yorkshireman price? Check out the AJAKi ProQuad

This is a guest blog by 3D Broadcast Sales. At 3D Broadcast sales we offer up a range of professional grade broadcasting products for production companies and corporate markets. If you are in the market for a 4K workflow, 3D Broadcast Sales has you covered with a few products that can more than suit your […]

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