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Zacuto Shootout EP.3

For rolling shutter tests and colour nuances watch The great Zacuto shootout episode 3. One of the shocks for me was just how poor the Arri Alexa is on rolling shutter, the Phantom flex is great, anyway have a watch and see for yourself. I have an idea, how about using CCDs instead of CMOS! […]

Final cut 7 to Final cut X exchange

Exchange FCP and FCx   Not sure if this was written before the add on to FCPX allowing interchange but it is worth a look anyhow for the export to resolve. The article is on It shows how you can convert between final cut 7 and final cut X projects by going through Resolve […]

Variable focus (after shooting) Lytro stills camera

Well here is an interesting toy, the Lytro camera. A camera that takes stills but also stores scene depth information. The software allows you to select what is in focus after the event! Always great in the edit to have control of focus after the shot was taken eh? I wonder if you can do […]

Great video quality on iPhone 4S

I can’t wait to get my iPhone 4S because the camera in it is fab. Apparently it is capable of 4K according to EOSHD but they use a lot of the video resolution to do camera stabilisation. Here is a video shot on it by Benjamin Dowie and there is quite a creative look in […]

AVC Intra on GH2!

Even happier I bought my GH2 now and I really want the Rewo cage although a cheap Chinese cage that will work on any DSLR would be a good investment for shoots where I need to hire in a 5D. But the rewo cage fits like a glove and looks fab. I have been using […]

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