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UKFAST round table event

I was invited to a UKFast round table event entitled Video Nation to discuss the future of online video. Although it sounds like a medieval feast with knights in shining armour and the table wasn’t round! it was in fact a great business forum where a select group is invited to discuss a particular topic […]

Atomos Ninja and HV20

Why did I buy the Atomos Ninja? Well as you can see from my intro on About me, I am a Yorkshireman and I like a bargain. During my time as Head of Technical Operations at Mersey TV (now Lime Pictures) we were always striving to get pictures into files as quickly as possible, time […]

Zacuto shoot out, amazing video camera comparisons

These guys have really taken the comparison of major pro cameras and DSLRs alike very seriously. Very interesting results. I was quite taken with the Nikon D7000 test, it might be worth another look before I buy a GH2! In the most scientific camera comparison to date, “The Great Camera Shootout 2011: a documentary […]

Ways to be creative

Great tips on staying creative from To-Fu in Japan or is it justification for singing in the shower and going on holiday 🙂

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